SKYLAB WATCH PARTY  -   Saturday 28th August

Skylab - Meet The Unforgotten

Join the exclusive ONLINE WATCH PARTY & see the first-ever feature FILM about Skylab, followed by the SKYLAB PANEL in a rare ASTRONAUT REUNION! 
Your opportunity to connect with pioneers of space is here!

Did you know they fixed a Space Station with an umbrella?

MAKE SURE YOUR SOUND IS TURNED ON! (Please wait for video to fully load)
 Let history inspire you!
 Immerse yourself in the incredible stories of Skylab!
 Could reality transcend Star Trek's imaginary universe?
Searching for Skylab, America's Forgotten Triumph
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HURRY! Spaces Are Limited For This UNIQUE Event!

A private chat with a celebrity is a special affair. Even more rare is the opportunity to meet ONE OF 9 pioneers who dared to push the envelope of living in space.
A VIP TICKET will allow you to speak in person via Zoom for 3 minutes with one of the astronauts listed below. Be the first to book! Spaces are VERY LIMITED.

  • (Skylab SL-4 Scientist Pilot)
  • ​(Skylab SL-3 Pilot)
  • ​(Skylab SL-2, SL-3, SL-4 Backup Commander 
  • ​SL-R Commander)

Watch Party Entry - Only $37 

VIP Ticket  - Only $199 *

Only 36 VIP tickets available in total! Act fast!

* You can invite one additional person to join you in the room for free (this is in addition to people who are already in the same physical location & on camera with you).
You can purchase additional Zoom 1-on-1 tickets subject to availability. Each additional VIP ticket will be priced at $162. 

Expect 4 hours of Space Enthrallment

  • FILM SCREENING: of the multi-award winning feature documentary: "Searching for Skylab, America's Forgotten Triumph"
  • SKYLAB PANEL: lead By Skylab Astronauts 
  • ​SKYLAB CONFERENCE: with Dwight Steven-Boniecki & his prominent guests. Let Dwight surprise you! 
  • VIP TICKET HOLDERS: 3 minute 1-on-1 Zoom chat with an astronaut. ( Only 36 Tickets available! ) +1 invitation free for a person of your choice to join you in the room.

Do you remember when you got interested in space for the first time? 

  • How many astronauts were you able to meet in person since?
  • ​Would you know which Skylab astronaut was the first to land the Shuttle at White Sands, NM?
  • ​Could you name all of the 9 Skylab astronauts?

In Addition, You'll Get:

  • FREE GLOSSARY: of the NASA abbreviations commonly used on Skylab in .pdf format, which you can download immediately.
  • ​FREE FILM DOWNLOAD: Following the watch party, you'll receive your very own download code, to watch the movie again & again at your leisure.
  • 15% OFF ANY ITEM PURCHESED FROM SHOP:  Includes Books, T-shirts, Apparel, Patches, Posters, DVD & Blu-ray
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Every VIP ticket gives you exclusive 3 minutes of private Zoom chat with the astronaut during the conference of the watch party. I* You can purchase additional Zoom 1-on-1 tickets subject to availability. Each additional ticket will be priced at $162. 
If your Zoom chat with the astronaut of your choice cannot take place, even though you yourself have fulfilled all obligations following  our special astronaut meeting rules (details will be sent and revisited prior to your meeting), we will refund the VIP ticket portion in full or seek another resolution to your satisfaction. Your purchase will support The National Ataxia Foundation. Thank you!

The Watch Party Time Plan*

  • 1:00 PM (PST) Introduction & Movie Start
  • ​2:45 PM (PST) Skylab Astronaut Panel
  • 3:15 PM (PST) Skylab Conference & One On One Meetings With The Astronauts
  •  The times you see here are planned, not set in stone
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